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I am a naturalist, photographer, cameraman, tour leader and a wildlife management consultant specializing in the wildlife of India. I freelance for leading travel companies, producers, filmmakers and conservation organizations around the world. 

I hold honors degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in Ecology and Environment. I have eight years of research experience conducting research with Wildlife Institute of India and have studied the ecology of Indian wolves for more than six years. My research on Indian wolves was featured in a documentary for a coveted BBC TV series called the ‘Natural World’. 

My research on Asiatic lions involved population estimation using individual identification of lions based on their whisker patterns and interaction of lions with the local communities in Gir national park, Gujarat, India. 

I am a proficient animal trapper and have expertise in catching, anesthetizing, radio collaring several wild animals like wolves, hyenas, lions, jackals, foxes, wild dogs etc;

I was one of the specialists involved in the translocation of Gaur (Bos gaurus) from Kanha to Bandhavgarh, as an initiative to reverse the local extinction of the species. 

I have worked as additional cameraman on documentaries produced for BBC and have assisted in the making of  ‘The Great Plains’, episode of the coveted series by BBC called “The Planet Earth” 

For four years, I have worked as head naturalist at Mahua Kothi (A unit of Tajsafaris). 

I firmly believe in judicious use of our natural resources and strongly feel that unless each and every stakeholder living in and around these resources get benefited, neither can we preach for conserving them nor will we be able to justify their existence. 


BBC Series:   Planet Earth Episode 7- Great Plains, 2006

BBC Series:   Natural World- Desert Wolves of India, Mike Birkhead Associates, 2004

Global Wolf: Naturfilm/Studio Hamburg Produktion fur Film & Fernsehen GmbH in association with Parthenon Entertainments Ltd., 2004


I am the recipient of TOFT (Travel Operator For Tigers), best lodge naturalist inaugural award 2010

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